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Withered by Wuthering Heights

  • Positives: I have finished reading Wuthering Heights.
  • Negatives: I shall never get those hours of reading back.

Wuthering Heights Cover     Well, this isn’t exactly the topic I thought I’d be starting my new blog with. Wuthering Heights though, it’s just such a chore to get through! I knew it would be before starting, but I still felt the need to finish it.

     You (dear unknown reader who has somehow stumbled across this piece of writing) might be asking yourself, ‘if she hates the book so much, why did she start reading it and then keep reading it until she felt desperate enough to write this blog post?’ (other variations of this question are acceptable).

     The answer is this: because I made the silly mistake of doing an English degree.

     Well, that’s a bit harsh and just a little untrue. Doing the English degree wasn’t the mistake. Deciding that this semester will be the one where I actually read all of the set texts for my English modules – that’s the mistake.

     I should have just done what I’ve done in the past and winged it for tutorials while reading summaries of the texts I plan on writing essays for.

     True story: I wrote a decent enough essay on magic and superstition in King Lear and Macbeth while only have watched King Lear and read a manga version of Macbeth. You read correctly – a manga version of Macbeth.

     I probably shouldn’t be saying that.

     Remember – don’t do what I do. You should read everything set for your course because that’s the right thing to do.

     That sounds about right.

     Well I’ve sufficiently voiced, in a non-vocal manner, my thoughts. However, I hope this entry doesn’t set the tone for the blogs future as that would make my blog a depressing read and mean my life isn’t going in any of the exciting directions I’m hoping for. Let’s hope the rest of my course reading is a bit more interesting or else hope that I can gather some interesting stories from my actual life.

     Nevertheless, the successful feat of finishing such a book as Wuthering Heights is worthy, I believe, of being kept on record and so this entry has been writing. It cannot be unwritten…though it can be deleted which is somewhat similar.

     Ramblings over for now,



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