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You Only Live Once

This is just a quick thought brought on by my sister’s comment, “YOLO!”

 I hate the phrase! Whenever I hear my sister say it I feel the need to interrupt her and wait for an apology about the use of the word. But that’s actually not my quick thought, just a quick distraction from my quick thought.

 Yolo – you only live once.

 Being Buddhist though must really mess that sentiment up, what with the whole reincarnation thing and all.

 And don’t Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in an eternal life in heaven after death? Again, living an eternal life after already living one. I’m not too great at maths (which does beg the question as to how I ended up tutoring a girl in maths during my work experience placement), but one life on earth and one life in heaven makes two lives…

 I’m sure there are other religions out there that don’t have the whole life after death thing but I’m not too knowledgeable on world religions. Basically though, religious people shouldn’t be using the phrase ‘yolo’, because it’s a lie to them!

 It should be left for the atheists.

 Except, they shouldn’t use it either…because it’s just a bad phrase.

 Everyone, please just stop saying ‘yolo’. Don’t even use it ironically.

 The world will be a better place.

 Rambling over,


2 thoughts on “You Only Live Once

    1. Well, ‘you only die once’ probably does sound a little morbid to some. I think it’s a refreshing look though! Definitely with that comics perspective. Makes me want to do more.


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