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Unmotivated Unwellness

   There’s been a bit of a break between this and the last post because I’ve been unable to think of anything interesting to write about. Though that implies that my previous posts were interesting which is a questionable statement. Alas, that is my life.

   Being an honest person, I will admit that I still don’t have any thought-provoking topics to discuss in-depth, but I was feeling guilty about neglecting my blog and so now you, dear reader, are left to enjoy these unnecessary words.

   Really though, all of my words are unnecessary, but I feel that’s moving too far into philosophical thought which I try to avoid in most situations.

   However, to move onto the topic which the title suggests, I am having a week of being unmotivated and unwell. Having spent the last five weeks being focused on college work, I’ve decided I’m tired of it and this week things are going to hell in a handbasket.

   What an odd phrase that is…hell in a handbasket.

   I’m feeling rather unwell too, possibly due to lack of sleep brought on by a very large poster deciding that the wall was no place for it to be and giving up on the hanging about life, collapsed into bed where I, getting in the way, happened to be sleeping as it was very early in the morning.

   But alas (I am very fond of the word), I must now do what I can to find some part of me willing to get some college work done as I have sitting in front my me a book of kanji, of which twenty-seven are awaiting my attention for a test tomorrow, a book of Japanese short stories (though thankfully only one requires a brief glance at), and, in my head rather than in my hand, the knowledge that I must also write a short Japanese essay summarising a Japanese short story, which I have read but have forgotten the name of.

   Oh, having reached the midway mark, how I look forward to this semester being over.

   Here I shall finish my ramblings with the hope of interesting thoughts to entertain future posts,



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