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Documenting Documentaries


Movies   Sometimes, you just feel like watching a documentary on a topic you never knew you were interested in. And sometimes after watching that documentary you’re still not interested, but then Netflix comes to the rescue and immediately suggests several more!

   Who knew a man walking across a wire could be so riveting, or that Morgan Spurlock could be even more disappointing than he was in that tv show that was on that channel that I can now remember nothing about.

   No seriously, Mansome is shit. Don’t watch it.

   On the other hand, Man on Wire is really good. It’s a heist movie really and I love heist movies.

   One Day on Earth and Samsara were also good. One Day on Earth is basically what it says – a documentary that documents a day on Earth, with videos sent in from people around the world. On the other hand, Samsara probably wouldn’t suit a lot of people, seeing as it’s got no dialogue, just music, but it is very good music.

   In the last few days, I’ve also watched First Position, All.I.Can., Reveal the Path and Miss Representation.

   I am liking my documentaries at the moment.

   Maybe I should start writing reviews when I watch stuff…


   Anyway, ramblings over.



2 thoughts on “Documenting Documentaries

  1. ‘One Day in September’, about the hostage crisis during the Munich Olympics, was my first cinematic documentary experience, and very good it was too. It was narrated by Michael Douglas, and was as thrilling as any thriller – even though I knew the (tragic) outcome.


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