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Is that a practical outfit?

Continuum 2
Female cop uniform in 2077

   Having been browsing the lists of Netflix, as I am often fond of doing so, to find a tv show to watch an episode of before going to bed, I stumbled across Continuum and have now just finished watching the first episode. It seems like it could be an interesting sci-fi series and I hope it stays that way for the full season, but that’s beside the point.

   The story begins in the future, 2077, and is about a police officer who ends up travelling back in time to 2012 with a group of criminals who were about to be executed. So, set in 2077. The usual fancy technologies are present to show that it’s the future but I want to point out the clothing. As you can see from the picture below, clothing seems pretty normal. People are wearing shirts and ties and basically the exact same clothing that we wear now.

   Unless you’re a female cop.
Then you get to wear a nice tightly fitted outfit to show off your body.

   They fill the outfit with convenient modern technologies and it even seems to stop bullets, which is a useful feature if you’re in an American tv show, but it does seem to me that those are just nifty features added in after to justify the choice of costume which is basically there to go “look! a woman’s body. Isn’t it nice to look at.” Rarely will you see a man in such a tight fitting costume.

   Because really, is it necessary to have it look like that? No boys, it isn’t.

   Having recently watched the documentary Miss Representation, I do find myself noticing the ways of portraying women on tv and the small things, such as the use of tightly fitting costumes, slightly more often than before. When you do start paying attention, it can feel rather disparaging.

Continuum 1
Average clothing in 2077

   And yet sometimes if you pass comment on these kind of things or try to point it out and discuss it with a friend, you get called a nazi feminist because people don’t like thinking about the lingering idea of women as sexual objects.

   Just a thought. Guess I’ll end it now and get to bed before my writing becomes even more convoluted and rambly. S0 –

   Ramblings over,



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