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Aquatic ape theory needs to be drowned

     I’m currently watching some TED Talks on Netflix and am severely disappointed to find a talk by Elaine Morgan on aquatic ape theory among the selection. It’s an old talk, from 2009, but still. I mean, I’m not exactly an expert but even I know it’s a rather fringe theory with little evidence in support of it. Out of a worry that I’d phrase things wrong or at the very least, awkwardly, which could unfortunately then lead to misunderstandings and confusion, I shall quote from Wikipedia (there is also a partial reason of laziness).

     “The AAH does not appear to have passed the peer review process, and despite Morgan being praised by various scholars, none of her work has appeared in any academic journals of anthropology or related disciplines.”

     For anyone who doesn’t know, aquatic ape theory, which isn’t actually a theory in the scientific sense but a hypothesis, came about in the 30’s in an attempt to explain why humans are different to other apes, basically saying that humans are hairless and have lots of fat because for a while we evolved to be aquatic mammals.

     If you’re not knowledgeable in the area, some of the arguments for aquatic ape theory seem to make sense, but there has been no evidence found in favour of it and so it remains a hypothesis. I won’t go into it. If you want to read about aquatic ape theory, see the Wikipedia page on it or, which I strongly recommend, read/listen to the Skeptoid episode on it.

     The whole point of this really is that I got annoyed at TED Talks. I was enjoying learning things and then this one had to pop up.

     Oh well, can’t have everything nice and educational, can we?

     I shall end my ramblings here,



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