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Study Break Documentary: Saving Face

     Seeing as recently I’ve largely just been posting miscellaneous screenshots of Pokemon, I thought it was about time I wrote some blog content with a different topic (but have no fear, there will be more Pokemon to come). For the last few weeks my TV viewing has been fairly limited to watched Ted Talks on Netflix because I’ve had essays to write and such things that meant I didn’t want to get invested in a series that might distract me and as a result, I also haven’t watched many movies or documentaries either.

     So, having spent the better part of the day studying for my Japanese oral which I have on Monday, I decided I would take a break and watch a documentary. I only just added Saving Face to my Netlix list and seeing as it’s only 52 minutes long, I thought I’d watch it before going back to my studies. Admittedly, I could have chosen something with a lighter theme for my study break.

     Saving Face is a documentary that came out in 2012 and is about women in Pakistan who’ve been attacked with acid. The documentary has several different aspects that all tie together. The stories of two women who were both attacked by their husbands with acid are told, along with how these women were going to have surgery to help restore their faces by Dr. Mohammad Jawad, a British plastic surgeon born in Pakistan. As well, there is a bit about the introduction of a law that would finally give life sentences for those found guilty of acid attacks.

     Not an easy documentary to watch, it’s fairly horrifying to hear the story of one woman who had acid thrown at her face by her husband while her sister-in-law threw gasoline on her and her mother-in-law lit a match, only to hear that she had to move back into the house and live with them after they had done this to her because she couldn’t afford to get out.

     Nevertheless, if you have an hour and want something that’ll make you think about human rights, it is worth watching.

    No cute puppies and kittens, but sadly not everything in the world is happy.


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