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Two movie reviews for the price of one

     Or, buy one review for free and get a second, also free! It’s a great deal if you ask me. Okay, so these are shorter than some of the other reviews so I thought I’d put them together rather than write two separate ones because that’s just how I roll. The first is I am Slave and the second is Shahid, and both are on Netflix (seriously, everything I watch is on Netflix these days because I couldn’t be bothered watching tv).

     I am Slave: I’m not sure why I decided to watch this movie, to be honest, because it’s not the usual kind of movie I’d go for, but I rather enjoyed it (if you can enjoy movies about modern day slavery). It’s not the kind of movie you watch if you want fast paced action; this is slow (but the good kind of slow, not the ‘why is this taking so long!’ type), and really allows you to understand the main character, who’s a young Sudanese girl who was kidnapped and sold into slavery, eventually ending up in the UK as a domestic slave. The story is inspired by true events as well, but even of it wasn’t it’s still a moving story and if you have 80 minutes to spare, I suggest you give it a watch.

     Shahid: The Netflix description says: “This biopic tells the story of Shahid Azmi, a lawyer and human rights activist who risked his own life to defend accused bomber Fahim Ansari.” It’s an alright movie, though it feels a bit long and is often quite difficult to follow because it takes place over such a long period of time. It cuts quickly to things that happen months, even years, apart, so you really have to pay attention to the dates that pop up on screen because it’s easy to get confused as to when things are happening. The life story of Shahid is interesting, unfortunately, the movie doesn’t quite work. I wouldn’t really recommend watching it unless you don’t have anything else to watch.

     So there’s two more reviews. Hope you, whoever you are dear reader, enjoy them. If you’ve seen them, don’t be afraid to leave a comment with what you thought. I’d love to hear some other opinions, especially if they disagree.

     Well, I’ll leave it at that for now. Have a nice (insert appropriate time of day here).

    Ramblings over,



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