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Conned by a Cat, Part 1

     The truth is out now. Neko’s identity has been revealed.

     Okay, I suppose I should start at the beginning for some clarification.


     On second thought, that would be a long story of my cats. I’ll summarise: I have a lot of cats. Well, I have one cat. And a lot of other (some stray, some not) cats who happen to think that my garden is rather nice (which it is) and that it’s a handy place to pop by to get a bite to eat (this is also very true).

     A while back, I opened the back door one evening because I heard a cat crying and I wanted to give it some food, because I’m just that kind of person. Well, this cat rather liked that food and realised that it could benefit a lot from hanging around. So, we ended up with a cat that we fed fairly regularly.

     On a side note, turns out the cat wasn’t crying, it just had a very strange meow which quickly got annoying.

     Anyway, this cat, who for a while was called That Cat (which did get confusing when I was saying things like ‘Hey look at that cat. No, not That Cat, that cat’), eventually came to be called Neko (the Japanese word for Cat, I’m fantastic with names after all).

     One day Neko disappeared for a while and eventually came back with a collar on.

     Neko wasn’t Neko. Neko wasn’t a he.

     Neko was a girl and she was named Phoebe.

     Neko had a home.

     You should never trust a cat.

     There’s more to the story, but I’ll leave that for another day…because look, I have nothing else happening in my life at the moment. I have nothing better to do than make a drama out of the cats who stop by my garden. It’s sad but true.

     But stay tuned for the rest of the story!

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