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Conned by a Cat, Part 2

     So last time, I told of how it came to pass that Neko’s true name and gender were discovered.

     Neko was a girl and she was named Phoebe.

     Well, it continued for a while that we (mostly me and my mom) kept feeding this cat – because if we didn’t feed Neko (I don’t like Phoebe for a cat’s name), well then Neko would kill birds. And that’s not good. Neko killed God Pigeon!

     That was a sad day.

     But nevertheless we continued to feed this cat because she wouldn’t go away.

   There was a number on the collar which my and my sisters kept telling my mom to call but for ages that didn’t happen. Eventually, my mom gave in and decided to call because Neko hadn’t left the garden in a while.

     And a lot was discovered.

     We knew Neko had a home at some point. But we learned Neko is a house cat – ya. The cat sleeping in our garden all day is a house cat. A very fat house cat who’s owner has been trying to put her on a special diet to lose weight for some medical reason.

     Well, special diet food isn’t as nice as the gourmet cat food that our house cat Ollie insists on eating.

     That would be why Neko’s been hanging around so much.

     To conclude, Neko’s identity has been revealed. The truth is out!

     And that is the end of the story.

     A bit anticlimactic, but I hope this serves as a lesson – never trust a cat that shows up at your house.

     It’s probably just conning you.

     That’s all for now but I’ll keep you updated on hijinks of the neighbourhood cats.

     Ramblings over,


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