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More from Netflix – The Network

     Time for another film review as I try to justify the miscellaneous things I watch on Netflix just because they’re there. What’s up this time? The Network.

     “This documentary tells the story of Afghanistan’s first independent TV network and the family that grew it into the nation’s largest broadcaster.” – Netflix description

     Admittedly, when I was watching this documentary I was also busy drawing something which did split my attention, but I still thought it was an interesting documentary. Seriously, I need to think of some other adjective because I really do overuse the word interesting. I suffer from that with Japanese as well – when I panic I just describe things as omoshiroi. But I’m getting sidetracked.

     The Network sheds some light on the running of a TV station in a troubled country and it’s fascinating to see how the station grew, dealing with so many problems to become a major broadcast station. There are some moments that made me slightly uneasy, for example, at one point they talk about how they made a cop show which works to promote the Afghan police force. The way they talked about it seemed slightly, from my perspective, a propaganda tool but then you could probably say the same thing about plenty of western TV shows. A lot of issues are covered, and while the documentary isn’t perfect (I think there are some points where they could have been more critical of things), I’d still recommend watching if you’re interested in Afghanistan, or even just the media and problems in media in general.

     So that’s that. Another review down. If you decide to watch it, let me know what you think by leaving a comment. I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts are.

     Ramblings over for now while I go watch some more movies,



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