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Two is company when crazy is involved

     Today I have two more documentary reviews for you. Why, aren’t you lucky! Okay, most people probably aren’t going to be interested in these two, but I’m reviewing them anyhow. One you should watch and one you shouldn’t and they just happen to both have religious and spiritual themes.

     Jesus Camp is the first to be reviewed. Now, it is a tough watch but a well made documentary. It’s full of so many “WTF! Seriously…what…how…words are failing me!” moments. As an atheist, I found it rather disturbing but I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of Christians out there who’d feel just the same. The documentary follows kids who attend one of those bible camps that, basically, trains them to be fundamentalist Christians. It’s a real eye opener on the indoctrination of children with fundamentalist Christian beliefs. When you see a room full of kids who are crying, holding their hands up in the air and speaking gibberish while convinced that holy spirit is making them speak in tongues, it’s just wrong. Not easy to watch, but definitely informative and like I said, it’s a real eye opener so I do recommend it to people.

     Next up is Wake Up. Simply put, Wake Up is an incredibly frustrating documentary to watch. It’s about this guy who woke up one day convinced he was seeing angels, demons and spirits and he goes on a journey to figure out what he’s seeing. It seems like it could be an interesting documentary; I thought it might deal with why he sees things but unfortunately there is no science whatsoever in this film and that’s what makes it so frustrating. I found it maddening how much nonsense and complete and utter bullshit was in it. The science part basically consists of ten seconds of one guy saying that Jonas doesn’t fit into any of the categories of mental illness he knows and that the issue isn’t drug related, and then science is completely ignored. It seemed to me as if answers were being searched for in all these pseudoscientific areas (which are presented as absolute fact) and ultimately, actually ultimately, I’m getting annoying even just thinking about the hour and a half I wasted watching it (because once I start something, even if it is shit I’ll try finish it). All I have to say is: don’t watch this documentary. Especially if you’re like me and like science. Just don’t.

     Right, so two more reviews done! Guess I’ll have to watch some more stuff and I do hope that the next few I watch are less frustrating than that last one. As usual, if you watch these, let me know what you think.

     That’s all from me so ramblings over,



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