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5 documentaries in 500 words

     Now, for a documentary bonanza! Well, five short documentaries reviews for you and in only 500 words! These words aren’t included, if you’re counting. No need to preamble too much so let’s just get to them.

     The Waiting Room:Exploring the world of the waiting room in a public hospital struggling to keep up with caring for the uninsured patients in the community. An unusual documentary, but eye-opening to the difficulties faced by both the patients and workers of the hospital. There’s no talking heads interrupting and discussing the problems from an outside perspective. It all feels quite natural and doesn’t feel forced. It’s a bit slow to get through and sometimes feels like it isn’t going anywhere making it a little difficult to get through, but it’s interesting enough so I gave it a rating of three stars.

     The Island President:Mohamed Nasheed’s fight to raise awareness of climate change to prevent rising ocean levels from drowning the low-lying archipelago nation of the Maldives. Great documentary on climate change, in my opinion. Nasheed is a really likeable character. You get a real feel for his drive to save his country as it begins by showing Nasheed’s journey to presidency, overthrowing a dictatorship, and his work to persuade other nations to help stop climate change. Being 1.5 meters about sea level, if ocean rises, the people of the Maldives could be the first climate refugees. Four star rating from me on Netflix.

     Call me Kuchu:Following the development of anti-gay laws in Uganda and David Kato, the first openly gay man in the country. I found this documentary to be heart-warming (to see the support that the LGBT community shows for each other), heart-breaking (the death of David and abuse that others suffer) and frustrating (how America has been exporting its religious fundamentalists to African countries and spreading this discrimination). This is a really eye-opening documentary on the violation of people’s human rights because of sexuality and while it’s not the easiest to watch, I highly recommend it. I gave it a four star rating.

     Town of Runners:Two girls from the small village of Bekoji, Ethiopia who want to become Olympic gold medallists. Sports aren’t my thing so I had no real interest in running before watching this but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I learned a lot about how important running is for the youth of Ethiopia to make better lives for themselves and also how important athletics is for the economy of Ethiopia. The documentary also explores some of the problems that they face, such as trying to train with so few facilities. Not my favourite but worth a three star rating on Netflix from me.

     This Ain’t California:Exploring the underground skateboarding scene in East Germany during the 70’s and 80’s. Having loved Dogtown and Z-Boys, I found this to be quite good because it gives a perspective on the skateboarding scene away from the sunny Californian coast. The story is told in an interesting way; a group of friends reminisce about their youth after the death of a friend who was a major figure in the scene and so it becomes the story of skateboarding in Germany but also of this enigmatic character. I really liked this documentary; I gave it a four star rating on Netflix.

     So there they are, my five reviews in five hundred words. As usual, if you’ve seen any of them or watch them as a result of reading my reviews, do let me know. I’d love to hear what other people think so don’t be afraid to leave a comment.

     I’ll end here for now and get to watching some more documentaries to review,

     So ramblings over,



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