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I knit now, because knitting is cool.

So, I knit now.

Because knitting is cool.

– says the 22 year old university student who spends her weekends sitting in front of the fire with her cat, a cup of tea and her knitting needles while watching Grand Designs.

Actually, that’s a lie. Grand Designs is only on on weekday evenings. Had a nice run of new episodes of Grand Designs there before Christmas. It was strange seeing houses that were only finished in the last year but now seems to be back to the repeats with a Kevin McCloud ten 10-12 years younger. I do love that man though.

Someday I’ll be on Grand Designs…building me my hobbit hole…

Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat….

No, this will be a hobbit hole and that means comfort.

Okay, enough of Grand Designs and semi quoting Tolkien. What was I talking about…oh yes, knitting.

Stock Piling
My procrastination…

Actually, I starting knitting over the summer when I was trying to find ways of avoiding doing my FYP. It was either start knitting or go hiking and as the former didn’t require the fat and lazy girl to leave the house, it won out. Don’t ask why those were my two options because I have idea why I decided it had to be one of those, it just did.

I’ve knitted a few scarves now and I’m getting better. I even have a round loom now so I can easily knit hats, which is nice except for the loom is for knitting nice warm, woolly hats and by the time I actually get around to knitting myself one it will probably be summer.

But so things go.

I have amassed a stockpile of yarn to last me for the next few months so I can avoid doing loads of stuff in the coming semester. I’m prepared to procrastinate! It’s good to be prepared.

Now…what knitted thing do I not really need but will make anyway….


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