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The relief of knowing…

     Two weeks into my final semester of college and results for the past one finally come out! Results from the autumn semester normally come out a week or so before starting the spring semester but this year, due to a screw up by the university, the results were delayed and we had to wait till today to find out if we past the last semester. Oh how fun that wait was!

     Having no idea what modules I wanted to do this semester, I was hoping to base my decision off my results but without them I just had to try guess which English modules I did best in and so which ones I should register for this semester. Quite a number of people were in the same boat; let me tell you, it’s not a nice position to be in when you’re in your final semester and want to pick the classes that will help keep your QCA up.

     Thankfully, my QCA hasn’t dropped very much. In second year is was 3.9 (I was lucky and had some really easy classes that semester), but it dropped to 3.53 in third year. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep it around that mark as last semester leaves me with a QCA of 3.5. I just have to try not screw up this semester now.

     I don’t plan on screwing up…but then again, who does plan on that?


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