Fake a summer feel with some fake flowers

Who needs the real thing when you can have paper!

Flowers III

     I was browsing the internet the other day, as I often do,  looking for craft ideas. I’m really liking making things recently. I wish I could spend more time making things but, sadly, I still have a semester of college left to concentrate on.

     Anyway, I was browsing the internet and I came across some tutorials for making paper flowers. I thought, “hey, paper flowers, those look easy to make!” Admittedly, I also thought, “hey, paper flowers, I can’t kill those!” So, I looked at the pictures in the tutorial, I gathered myself some supplies from around the house, and by supplies I mean tissue paper, glue and a scissors, and I made myself some flowers.


     Then I just got some washi tape and ‘borrowed’ a jar from the kitchen.

     Now I can make the house feel all summery by filling it with paper flowers! I’ll just get a few scented candles to deal with the scent part…


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