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Can’t I just stay a student?

     And I was doing so good at posting regularly, at least twice a week. Now I’ve gone just over a week without posting anything, I think. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I was scheduling posts. Shocker! I’m terrible at blogging regularly so I tend to bulk write when I remember and schedule posts.

     Right, now that my secret is out there, I should get to the topic of this blog post…which is…

     Masters Degrees

    Yup, masters degrees. As I’ve probably mentioned on this blog at some point in my ramblings about being a university student, I am a university student. I also happen to be in my final year. This is my last semester. Actually, heading into week six now. It’s going quite quickly.

     And, it’s also a little scary. I’ve been in education so long now and it’s soon to be over.

     Well, not if I can help it. I would like to go on to do a masters degree, especially since my undergraduate qualifies me to…analyse books from a feminist perspective and speak terrible Japanese? Okay, the terrible Japanese is my own fault for not being very good at speaking Japanese to which I regret picking it as my minor subject as it has taken over my study life.

     But, anyway, I would like to do a masters degree. Either in relation to publishing, or Viking and Old Norse studies – because I like the practicalities of it. I have actually applied to some places, which annoyingly has cost money, and I got my first response! Sadly, I can’t accept it because I don’t have the money to pay the deposit that they want. Also, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about money and planning the loan I would have to take out to pay the fees and accommodation is producing a scarily large number.

     Seriously, all I want to do is stay in education and not have to enter the world where I put that education to the test, while I (get other people to) build my hobbit hole so that I can live as a social recluse with five cats. Is that so much to ask for? Pretty much everyone says yes, but a girl can still hope, can’t she?

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