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Ever heard of a thing called cash?

     I really want to travel. I want to get out of the country and see more of the world. Yes, I’ve been to London a few times, twice really and I’ll be adding to that number come September, been on holidays to Spain, Portugal and a handful of the Canary Islands, and lived in Belfast for a few months while I was on Erasmus, but considering all those sun holidays were before I was twelve, I have a hard time remembering them and I don’t really count Belfast as traveling because it was hardly going very far; I didn’t even leave the island .

     I will pause for a moment now as you take a breath, having just read that rather long sentence.

    I do like long sentences.

     Oh, I also went to Wales when I was quite young, around eight I’m thinking but I could be mistaken. There was a pool, a caravan, a dinosaur park, a lot of slushies and rain for six out of the seven days we were there. I also distinctly remember getting sunburn on the one sunny day.

     Anyway, I’m getting distracted. I want to travel and so I have started listening to a lot of podcasts on the topic as I bid my time, waiting to finish up this degree.

     Now, all  these travel podcasts I’m listening – I’m started to notice a few similarities between them all. Most of them, at least the ones I’ve come across on iTunes, are American. I have nothing against American’s, bar their horrendous Hershey chocolate that once made me nearly vomit because it tasted of vomit, but I do find myself craving a more European opinion sometimes.

     For the large part, these inevitably American travel podcasts hosts start to get on my nerves because they start talking about how to make travelling cheap. Now, I would really like to know how to make travel cheap, that’s not what irritates me, but their advice to make that travel cheap is usually the same: use frequent flyer points!

     At this point, I usually face palm.

     Mostly because that is completely useless to me.Those aren’t a thing in Ireland. At least not that I’m aware of. As far as I can tell, this is a summary of how to make travel cheap: get tons and tons of different credit cards, use those credit cards to buy all the things in your life to build up points and use those points to get cheap flights.

     It does make me wonder if everyone in America just use credit cards for everything. The credit card culture isn’t as apparent here.

     In Ireland, it’s use cash and debit cards as much as possible because the banks will charge you your soul just to get and keep your credit card, let alone actually use it. Credit cards are generally a bad idea and only for emergency use.

     I don’t have a credit card because I can’t even afford to keep one. At the moment, I have about €20 in my bank account. I’m pretty sure stamp duty for credit cards costs more than that.

It’s looking like I’ll have to find other ways of making travel cheap and just have to fork out the probably €800 for flights, if I ever find I have that much, so I can get to Japan.

     Okay, rant over. Not exactly the most positive of posts, so sorry about that! Everything seems to be about money and not having it lately for me…why can’t life be like the movies where I suddenly discover I that an incredibly wealthy relative that no ones ever heard of has died and despite only being distantly related, all the money passes on to me? Why not that…although I’m pretty sure there’s some hefty inheritance taxes here meaning I probably wouldn’t see much of that money…Ya, don’t see inheritance tax ever happening in the movies!

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