The tape tower rises!


    I confess, I bought more tape. I cannot resist the colours!

     And now, I have begun building a tower that rises greater than Minis Tirith and from which I will someday rule the world from!

      Or not. Story is: I needed to figure out a way to store my growing tape collection so I devised this.

     I lit a Yankee candle that was on its way out, probably had a few hours of burning time left in it, when enough wax had melted, I blew the flame out and stuck a stick into the melted wax. I cut a whole the candle lit, popped that on and the whole thing came together with some tape to add some design.

     And that is my makeshift tape holder, devised out of what materials I had in the house. Pretty nifty I think.

     Ya, I just said nifty.

      The edges are rough but it works! Let me know what you think of my makeshift tape holder. How do you store your tape and other craft supplies? It can get hard keeping things organised when you start building up your collection.


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