The scramble for a Mother’s Day gift

Mother's Day Coasters II      So, Mother’s Day is this Sunday. It does have a habit of sneaking up on you, Mother’s Day does. Being quite focused on college and forgetting that the rest of the world doesn’t count by semesters and teaching weeks, it’s even more likely to sneak up on you. See, in my head, today isn’t…March, Friday 13th. It is the end of week 7 and I have three assignments due next week, week 8.

     But enough of my measurement of time. Also, being as I am a student, I obviously have very little money and so I was left wondering what to get, and what to get that was cheap. Luckily, I came across this great blog post about making DIY Stone Coasters which inspired me to make something for much cheaper than it would cost to be something similar!

     The fantastic thing about these coasters is that all you need to make them are some stone tiles, a napkin and some glue. Now that’s my kind of craft! The hardest part was going to the B&Q to buy some stone tiles because we didn’t have any at home. Another napkin to wrap them up in and a bit of ribbon, I used some garden string I found, and you’ve got a lovely little set. Glad I stumbled across that blog post.

     Comment time: do you prefer to buy or make gifts? If you make them, what kind of things do you make?

Mother's Day Coasters
Mother’s Day Pink Stone Coaster Set. Click to see full size image.

5 thoughts on “The scramble for a Mother’s Day gift

    1. It is very easy, and napkins can have really pretty designs on them, so it’s nice to be able to find other uses for them. I’ve never tried image transfers though, is it difficult?


    2. It’s not difficult but can take a little practice. There are many ways you can do transfers. You won’t always get a perfect transfer, but that usually adds interest. Maybe I’ll do a post about image transfers soon.


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