I dream of a future with a table by a window.

     Oh how I wish I had a lovely, clear work space for making crafts and photographing them.

     A nice long table by a window, maybe. That could be nice. Better yet, a coffee table or a low-lying table of some sort, like those Japanese tables. I could sit on some nice cushions on the floor at my low-lying table with loads of space on either side me so I can keep everything in reach, and of course, this table would be by a window with tons of natural light.

     Oh, and obviously, this window that my table would be by would look out over some nice country scenery, or at least something that was just a road or the back wall of a garden backing onto a neighbour’s garden. I want something nice.

     That would be very nice indeed.

     If only I could have such a space, but alas, such a space will have to wait till I move out of home. There’s so much in this house, it’s difficult to find a place to set up for photographing the things I make, hence why I often just have bad photos of things sitting on my desk in bad lighting. Anywhere the lighting is good is generally full of clutter or there’s just no flat space to be found without moving furniture.

This is my current workspace, a tray that I use while sitting on my bed:

Workspace II

And this, is the only space I really have for photographing stuff:


     It’s not ideal, leaning some tissue paper up against my printer. Even at that, there’s normally blanket folded up in this spot where my cat enjoys sleeping when it’s sunny so when the sun comes out, I have to compete with the cat for the space.

      It can be bothersome. I’ll just have to keep dreaming of that perfect workspace. Though, the lighting might be slightly more difficult to fix…I maybe have to move country for that one…

       The other day when trying to photograph some pegs I had decorated, I spend about two hours trying to get one shot because the sun kept going behind clouds. Everytime I took the camera out, the sun decided to disappear and plunge the room into enough of a darkness that I had to turn on the light. I’d start doing something else and the sun would reappear but by the time I was able to stop what I was doing and grab the camera, it had all gone grey again.

     But that’s an Irish spring day for you.

     If you, dear reader who somehow has made it this far through my ramblings, are into crafts, photography or anything like that which involves needing a workspace, leave a comments and let me know what kind of workspace you have, I’d love to know. What kind of problems, if any, do you have with finding a space to work in and what would be your ideal space?


3 thoughts on “I dream of a future with a table by a window.

  1. I have a really temperamental camera that doesn’t like taking photographs inside – so I have to make a photo table in the garden (which can only be when it is a nice dry day – which isn’t that often in this part of the UK). My table is the laundry basket – with a large tray on top. Then covered with a nice towel or tablecloth. I then put whatever I need to photograph on that – take photograph – dismantle photo table.. repeat when necessary.

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    1. I understand the pain of dealing with the weather for photos! I don’t have to go outside to take photos (thankfully) but in order to get good photos with my camera I have to have a ton of light and sadly, that has been really lacking for the last month!


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