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Let’s go To the Moon to see The Whispered World and the rest of this Ballpoint Universe

     I’ve posted a lot about crafts recently so I think it’s time to mix things up. Today, I shall write about games, five games that I recently finished playing.

     I know that now, what with the final few weeks of my student life piling work and stress on me as I worry about my future, is possibly not the greatest time to be opening up Steam (username: IdleEmma) and spending hours getting through the games in my library while I also search for new, but cheap, games to buy. It might not be the greatest time, but that’s what I’m doing.

     I’ve gotten through a few games in the past two or three weeks; Cinders, Kami, The Whispered World, Ballpoint Universe and To the Moon (see what I did there with the title of the post). To cut to the point, they’re all good games.

     Kami is a puzzle game with different patterns that you need to make into a single colour in a set amount of moves. Very simple but enjoyable. Cinders is a visual novel re-imagining the story of Cinderella. Short, but again, enjoyable. It has nice art and it has a re-play value as well because you get to make decisions which effect the outcome of the story. I played through it three times, I think.

     I’m loving Ballpoint Universe at the moment. It’s a shoot-em-up style game but the art work for it is great. It’s all been drawn with a ballpoint pen, hence the name of the game, which gives the game a unique look. For only €4 on Steam, I’d say it’s worth a buy.

     To the Moon is the most recent game I finished playing. It’s a story game and so there’s not much for you to actually do bar move around a bit, so don’t get it if you’re only into action games, but if you do like good stories, this game has a great one. The game is short and simple, much like the description Steam has of the game – it’s only a sentence long: A story-driven experience about two doctors traversing backwards through a dying man’s memories, in order to artificially fulfill his last wish. It only took me about four hours to get through, but it’s definitely a story worth it. Had me almost in tears at some points. Also, the music for the game is beautiful.

     Finally, the last game I’ll write about here is The Whispered World. It’s a point and click adventure puzzle game. Admittedly, I found some of the puzzles a bit strange, figuring out what you need to turn a hollow tree into a canon using some pantaloons as a parachute is a bit odd, but fun nevertheless. Again, the art for this game is great. The backgrounds are gorgeous and the characters are all unique. I would have to say that my favourite character in the game is Spot, the pet caterpillar who with a variety of incredibly useful forms.

     All these games are good so I would recommend getting them, or maybe waiting for a Steam sale for some of them to be a bit cheaper, like I did.

     Well, that’s all for my quick game reviews. I’ll have to play some more so I can do this again. If you’ve played these games, let me know what you thought of them, and if you have any suggestions for games I should play, I’d love to hear them so that my Steam wishlist can grow and taunt me with pretty games to distract me from things and relieve me of some stress.

     Also, feel free to add me as a friend on Steam!


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