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The Solar Eclipse from Limerick

     Like many people across Ireland, and the rest of Western Europe, I woke up early this morning with excitement for the partial eclipse. I have to get a train to Dublin soon so I knew I’d be getting on the train when the eclipse was reaching its peak but I though I’d have a chance of getting a few shots of the moon just as it began to move swallow up the sun.

      And so, with this excitement, I woke up and stood outside my door to see the skies:

Solar Eclipse Time
Grey….grey…more grey…
Grey Skies
Sky view from my door…

     And that is what the sky looked like. a mass of hazy grey that left me wondering where the sun was. What’s worse is that the last two days had been lovely blue skies and even last night was clear! As I quickly write this post, the sky is still entirely grey and I still don’t know what direction the sun is in.

     I’m watching with envy clips on TV now. It was meant to have started about 30 minutes ago here and will reach its peak at about 9:30 am, ending at about 10. Maybe I’ll get a glimpse of it leaving the sun when I’m on the train, if I’m lucky.

     But very much bad luck this time, remind me to travel somewhere with clearer skies next time I want to see an eclipse, even just a partial one!

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