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Papa Roach in Dublin, March 2015

Papa Roach (10)
Support band: The One Hundred

     I unintentionally took a week off blogging, it seems. I originally meant to post something about my trip to Dublin when I got back, but that was the 20th and now it’s the 30th. Better late than never though!

      So, why did I go to Dublin, no one asks…

     Well, it was the birthday of a friend of mine and so we were going to see Papa Roach perform. That’s a lie – we would have gone even if it wasn’t her birthday. Actually, me and sister got tickets and since my friend lives up in Dublin, she said we could stay at her place to save some money, but since the concert was the day before her birthday, it seemed wrong not to get her a ticket. The end result was we just got her a ticket for her birthday.

     In short, this was the second time I got to see Papa Roach in Dublin. I saw them before in December 2013 – same venue, also with my older sister, only then I was traveling down from Belfast to see them rather than up from Limerick. Anyways, yes, Papa Roach were great this time too.

Papa Roach (2)
Papa Roach

     This time, I decided to bring a camera with me to the concert to see what I could get. Since I got my bridge camera for christmas, I’ve been trying to bring it with me in case I get the chance to take photos. It’s obviously not as good as if I had my Olympus with a specific lens for a specific purpose, but my Sony bridge camera is much more convenient for when I don’t know what I’ll encounter.

     I think the photos turned out alright for what it’s worth. I’m still getting used to using the settings on my Sony. I also don’t do night time photography very much, so it took my a bit to figure out what works in low light situations. Normally when I have a moving subject, I have a faster shutter speed but then I needed a slower shutter speed to let in light. It was a learning curve but I enjoyed it a lot. I ended up with a lot of accidental artistic shots, as I call them, of silhouettes and cool lighting effects.

     I definitely think I’ll bring my camera to concerts in future though. When those concerts will be, I have no idea. I seem to be at a rate of one concert ever 18 months, but next time I go to one I’ll definitely bring my camera.

Papa Roach (4)
Going for the artistic shot…
Papa Roach (1)
Ya…artistic black and white!

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