Pegs Galore!

Peg Stock 19    20    23    21 22

     Okay, let’s try make this post a bit more positive than the last one I wrote.

     So, here’s my latest thing – putting tape on pegs. I like putting tape on wooden pegs. I think they’re cute. Not only are they cute but the good news is that they’re on sale on etsy!

     5 pegs for €1. Click on any of the pictures to go to the listing.

     Okay, promo over.

     Though I do wish people would buy these because I actually find putting tape on pegs to be quite therapeutic. It’s strange, I know, but true. Sadly, there’s only so many pegs I can have lying around the house before they start getting in the way.

     I’m just gonna become a crazy peg lady. It should go well with my plans to become a crazy cat lady.


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