(Mini) Craft Haul!

4 3     So, in a fit of the mads, I spent money on myself recently and I bought myself a few bits and pieces on Amazon. When I say a few, I mean three things. Extravagant, I know.

     Mainly, I just wanted to buy myself a Filofax. I really, really wanted a filofax. Especially after seeing how cute Jessica from made hers. So yes, I wanted a filofax and I bought myself one with a bunny on the front, because I’m a mature adult…who likes rabbits….

1     It’s cute. It’s pretty simple on the inside though, doesn’t have any pockets or anything on the inside so I’ll have to make things myself which won’t be happening soon. As much as I would like to spend time personalizing my new planner, I’m only got a few weeks of college left so I feel I should focus on them. Come the 9th of May though…

     I’ll have to get some money and buy cute sticky notes and paper clips….

2     I also bought a thing.Yes, a thing. A thing for making the corners round  because I like round corners. And purple Duck Tape, because it’s called Grape Expectations. I can’t remember why I bought duct tape. I know that I had a specific craft in mind when I bought it, but I can’t remember what it was now that I have it. So if anyone has any cool craft ideas that involve Grape Expectations, do let me know!

      I would have bought more craft related things on Amazon but I’ve discovered that a lot of the sellers just don’t deliver things to Ireland and it’s pretty annoying because the post and packaging prices are ridiculous. Actually, ordering anything from any site usually leads to crazy p&p  to Ireland and I don’t like paying lots of money.

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