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Cherry Tree High Game Reviews

Game review time!

     Because, somehow, I have found the time to play games in between writing essays and presentations on philosophical theories I don’t understand and trying to translate my FYP summary into Japanese. It’s crazy, I know. I can’t wait for my exams to be over because me and my Steam library have a lot of bonding to do. I’ve got at least 12 unplayed games on my list and I’m likely to get more because I keep getting more that I don’t need…I just can’t help myself!

     Okay, back to the reviews. Well, I have two games to review today. They’re short and part of the same series so that’s why I’m doing them together: Cherry Tree High Comedy Club and Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls!.

     In short: I liked Cherry Tree High Comedy Club. I got it in a humble bundle pack so it was cheap. It doesn’t take long to play either; I’ve racked up 6 hours of gameplay and played it twice. Basically, you play as a girl named Mairu and have to befriend enough people and convince them to join the school comedy club. You need at least three people to join before the end of the term in order to get the club going but there’s a total of six people who you can get to join. It takes two plays to get all six. You have to decide how to spend your mornings, afternoons and evenings: talking to people, working, doing homework or increasing your skill level in topics to better your conversations with people and befriend them faster. It’s all very simple but enjoyable. The characters are all different, each have their own quirks and the art is nice. It’s not going to blow your mind with how amazing it is but it’ll entertain you for a few hours.

     On to Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! – it’s okay. You get to make decisions in CTHCC but I! My! Girls! is just a standard visual novel. It takes place straight after the first game and consists of 7 main story episodes of the comedy club members, well, being in the comedy club, and 5 sub episodes. Not much really happens and the ending doesn’t actually feel like an ending. Still, it’s around 3 hours of entertainment.

     So, in conclusion: CTHCC – yes, I! My! Girls! – only if you liked CTHCC and want to see more of the characters.



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