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Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

     Okay, I missed my Monday post, and I had been doing so well at sticking to Mondays and Thursdays. Oh well, I had a good reason. I had my Japanese oral, my very last one, on Monday and after doing it, pretty much all I could think of doing was getting into bed and playing games. I passed by the way, but playing games brings me to today’s topic: another game review!

     For anyone not interested in game reviews, don’t worry, I’ll have some craft posts coming soon, but for now, let’s get started with the review.

     Oh gods. Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons did not end as I was expected it to. It started out so bright and colourful and ended…well it also ended bright and colourful but it was hard to notice that considering what had just happened. Although, now that I’m thinking back a few hours to how the game started, it’s not too unexpected.

     I’m not going to say what happened though. To borrow from a review that I read on Steam, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons is a game best experience blind. The story is the driving factor so it’s best not to know it beforehand and experience it as it’s meant to be.

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Beautiful Worlds

     But without spoiling the story, I can still give you a few other reasons as to why you should play this game. The first I can think of relates to how the game looks. Basically, the game design is beautiful. The landscapes are gorgeous and there’s so much detail put in the background. As well as the story and art, the music is nice and the puzzles are good. They’re not too difficult and they don’t feel too repetitive.

     Things to note about the game: it’s fairly short. You can play it in about 3-4 hours and because it’s story driven with simple puzzles, there’s not too much reason to replay the game multiple times. You need a controller to play the game as well as the game involves controlling both brothers at the same time. The left side of the controller controls the older brother and the right the younger brother. It feels awkward at first but you get used to it.

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons I
Sweet Moments

     The most important thing to note about the game is that there’s no dialogue. Well, there is in that the characters speak a gibberish language, kind of like the Sims, but you get used to that as well. It actually adds a lot to the story, I think. Despite the lack of understandable spoken language, you always know what is going on by the tone of voice and character gestures.

     Overall, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons is a great game and I urge people to get it if they can. It’s €15 at full price on Steam which is a bit steep for a game that’s so short and doesn’t have much replay value, so I suggest adding it to your wishlist and waiting for it to be on sale, like I did. I believe I paid €3.75 for it when it was 75% off.

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