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Crafts don’t always work out

     A lesson that not everything in life goes to plan. A shame.

1     Last week, I got this cute little piece:

     I got it because I’m really into floral things at the moment and as it was only €11, I couldn’t resist buying it. It kinda matches a bigger piece that I got a month ago with four draws that’s about knee high. I have that piece sitting in a corner of my room and it’s filled with miscellaneous craft things, but this one’s smaller so I can use it as storage on my desk which gets cluttered really easily. It’s a lovely piece but itself, but I wanted to do a few small things to it.

     The first thing I wanted to do was put some tape on the top to brighten it up. As you can see in the pictures below, the top was plain but a little bit of floral washi tape just gave it a nice bit of colour.


     Unfortunately, my other plans did not work out. The inside of the boxes were brown and I wanted to brighten them up to make things easier to see in them. I bought some cheap white paint to do this, but I guess I shouldn’t cheap out on paint sometimes. What I got was so watered down that it was impossible to use. It dried incredibly streaky and even after three layers of paint, it still wasn’t working out. What’s worse, it was so water that by the time I got to the fourth layer of paint, the wateriness of the fourth layer was washing out the third layer. Moral of the story: don’t get cheap (Tesco) white paint.

9     Being frustrated with this, I was about to give up but I found a small amount of white acyclic paint left in a tube and used that to cover up the watery white stripes, which did work better.

     But I got too ambitious. I wanted to cover some of the box sides with washi tape to add some nice, simple colour and patterns. Here’s where it went wrong. I tried to line the back wall of the box with green striped tape. Because washi tape is somewhat see-through, I needed the white backing for the tape to be at its nicest but because the box was a bit deep, I had trouble placing the tape. Normally, washi tape is great because it’s not too sticky so you can easily reposition it. Unfortunately, the paint wasn’t fond of this quality of the tape:


      I don’t have any more white paint at the moment and I have three exams this week so it’ll be a bit before I get the chance to fix this. I’m thinking when I get back to this I might just go the easier route of cutting a piece of paper to size, sticking tape on that and then sticking that to the box insides.

     It’s a lesson though, not all ideas work out as well in practice as they do in theory. And at least I can fix this one.

     Tell me, have you had any projects that seemed great in your head but didn’t work out quite as well as you’d planned? Was it total failure or were you able to salvage it and try something else?


5 thoughts on “Crafts don’t always work out

  1. I can understand why you’d want white on the insides, but I gotta admit the streaky white looks pretty good in the photos!

    I would definitely go the route of cutting paper to size and putting tape on that rather than trying to tape up the inside of the boxes. I hope it goes well, either way. 🙂

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    1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m good for reminding folks of forgotten/abandoned projects! Just don’t look on my craft bookcase, okay, because I have at least three abandoned projects that I can think of off the top of my head… (including a memory quilt I’ve been making for my nephew since he was two. He’s now six).

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    2. Haha, so that’s quilts going well then xD Ya, I just have so many unfinished projects I really need to…finish 😀 I have a whole basket full of scarves and other knitted items I’ve started but not gotten very far into!

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