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The end of an era

     I haven’t posted much interesting this week but in my defence, it was a a fairly busy week. I can definitely say that I do not enjoy having three exams in four days, I’m fairly certain that I failed my Japanese exam and I’m not sure how I feel about having just completed four years of university.

     I also really wish I knew what I was doing with my life but I don’t think the answer to that is gonna come any time soon.

     On a different note, my shoulder is famous! Okay, not really. There’s an article on the independent.ie about the top 11 tattoo artists in Ireland to follow on Instagram. Paul O’Rourke is one of them and my shoulder with my lovely raspberries is the featured image for him. Yay for my shoulder?

2 thoughts on “The end of an era

  1. Hi Emma! Been reading your blog for a few weeks now, keep it up, love seeing your crafty stuff and your process =D
    That tattoo artist has a very nice gallery!


    1. Thanks, glad you enjoy it!
      I haven’t been on dA much these past few months but hopefully with the summer here I’ll be able to finish a few projects, keep the blog active and get active on dA too 🙂


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