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Autosave – my life’s saviour

I have recently discovered how important the autosave feature in games is to me.

I am so glad games autosave. When I get really into a game, I tend to forget to save regularly and when I’m playing games on my laptop without it plugged in, this is bad. Not because the battery dies though. That would be the obvious reason for not saving to be a bad thing – after a few hours of playing, the battery dies and I lose my game.

No, what keeps happening to me is that I’m playing a game, the battery warning pops up on screen to tell me that I have 14% battery left, and the battery warning popping up crashes the game. This happened last night after I had been playing The Witcher for several hours without saving. The warning crashed the game and even worse, it broke everything. The desktop just appeared as a black screen and I couldn’t even switch to anything else. I was forced to restart the laptop which decided that it wanted to use the opportunity to update.

About half an hour later I was able to finally restart the game which had thankfully saved just before my laptop decided to warn me that I needed to plug in.

Thank you autosave.

And to Windows 8 – please stop messing up my games.

I’ll get back to crafts soon enough. I have a few knitting projects on the go and I haven’t drawn anything in a while so that’s something I want to do. I just have to now find balance with how I’m spending my time. knowing me, the summer will end and I’ll have probably done nothing with my time but here’s hoping it turns out different.

4 thoughts on “Autosave – my life’s saviour

    1. I wish every game automatically saved because I’ve almost been caught out on a few games that way where only very last second doubts of saving procedure have saved several hours of my life from being rendered null and void.

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