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A Space of My Own

     I wrote a blog post back in March about how much trouble I have with my crafts workspace. For anyone who didn’t read it, basically, my workspace is none existent and when I need to photograph objects, it’s rather difficult to find a space in my house. The place is clean but rather cluttered. There isn’t a flat surface without a candle living on it or a white wall to use as a background. To that end, a while back I read a post by Karen from on making your own mini photo studio and now that I have the time due to finally being finished with university, I gave making my own a shot.

Starting Materials

     I started with a box. I don’t know where this box came from actually. I mentioned to my mom that I needed a box and when I woke up the next morning there was one sitting outside my bedroom door. Sometimes it’s nice to live at home. Following this, a tin of white paint was needed.

     There’s something rather satisfying about opening up a tin of white paint. I used a lot of white paint on this box but still have even more left and now I find myself looking around the house for things I can paint white. Probably means you should be prepared for posts in the future on crafts that involve white paint…

   In short, a couple of hours, several layers of paint, a large handful of episodes of Farscape and two cups of tea later, I finished painting my box and now have somewhere to photograph things!

     It’s not perfect by any means, but it is a far sight better than before.

Candles     These obviously aren’t the best examples of my photography but I took the photos at three in the morning and so lacked natural light but even so, having a nice white background is better than a busy one. I’ll pick up some things over the next few weeks to mess with. I have some christmas tree lights that could be useful and I’m sure I can find some pieces of fabric to give some different textures.

     All in all, I’m happy with the result and I should find photographing my crafts a slightly less stressful job.

6 thoughts on “A Space of My Own

    1. Definitely the solution for a cluttered space and tight budget! Alternatively, you could probably pick up a plastic box or such from Ikea that could work as a small photo space – a box with a lid could be handy because you could store anything you need for taking the photos in it and out of the way 🙂

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