Filofax – Planning my life

Filofax     Planning. I am hoping my filofax will help me keep my summer on track and so here is a post dedicated to it. Prepare for lots of pictures in this post!3

       I got my filofax a few weeks back but funny enough, I was too busy and disorganised to start using it to help unclutter my life. I’ve had some time recently to get it together though.

 Where to start…

     Well, let’s start, not with the filofax itself but where I store the various tools and tapes I use for my filofax. Remember that piece that I wrote about earlier this month in Crafts don’t always work out? The paint may not have worked on it but it’s finally fond a use. It’s now sitting on my desk and storing the bits and pieces to make my filofax pretty.

     Its three drawers are a handy size and just fit the things I need most.

     As you can see, in the bottom drawer I have two tools stored: my single hole punch and corner rounder punch. The hole punch is vital for personalising the filofax, need some way of making holes in the paper after all, while the corner one is just because I really like rounded corners. They just seem cleaner.

     In the middle drawer, I’m keeping tape and sticky notes. I obviously have a lot more tape that I use but those won’t fit in a drawer and the simple tapes are the ones I use most. I got some really cute sticky notes on ebay for cheap as well and I’m making use of them as you’ll see below.

     Finally, the top drawer is filled with various journal cards. I had fun printing out various cards to stick in my journal and it’s nice to open it up sometimes and have a positive message waiting for you. They’re just printed out on standard paper and stuck back to back so that there’s a pretty quote or space for notes on either side. Sticking two pages together rather than printing on both sides also means they’re more sturdy.

     Well, onto the insides then! First, let’s look at the section dividers. I only have three sections at the moment, it’s still a work in progress after all. These were the standard ones that came with the filofax. I had some fun with washi tape to improve them. They’re pretty simple and I’ll probably replace these eventually but they’ll do for now.

Monthly Pages        So, the monthly view section.

       My filofax didn’t come with a month per page view which I wanted to give me an overview of things so I had to find one myself. I found this really cute one by  lucyWONDERLAND on etsy. As you can see, it has a month on a page, just have to fill the dates in yourself, and a page for notes, which is handy. Just had to print it out, fill in the dates and punch some holes.

     Below is an example of a week from my filofax. At the moment, I’m using the standard filofax inserts that came with it. They’re not my favourite but they do the job.

     You’ll also see that my filofax style isn’t as pretty as others. It’s rather messy, I think.


     It’s the summer and I don’t actually have too much going on that I really need to keep track of so mostly just to-do lists of small things like photograph something or remember to look something up. I’m also trying to get my fitness levels up, hence the reminders saying ‘couch to 5k’ and the cute sticky note telling me its time to weigh myself. I know I’m posting this on Saturday but I actually took the photos on Monday so that’s why things aren’t ticked off. I’m not slacking, I promise! Since I took these photos I’ve made my week even busier with things like buy notebooks for languages, knit a hat…which I didn’t get done…and write a Japanese blog post…which I also didn’t get done.

     Okay, I definitely need to practice the getting things done part.

     But all in all, some standard things. I have a nice big reminder to clean my room, reminders to blog, having dinner (take-away food) with a friend…some not standard things like a reminder to vote on Friday for the referendum on marriage equality. Very important. Equality is good. Let’s hope the vote is a yes for that. And, equally important – a reminder that the Eurovision Song Contest final is on! Ireland may not have gotten through, even though for once we had a decent song, but in my family, watching Eurovision is an excuse to gorge on chocolate and nachos. Yes, these are the priorities in my life.

     So yes, that is a peak at the kind of life I lead. Exciting, I know.

     Not much left now. The third section is just filled with note paper. The filofax came with a selection of note paper in different colours and styles; 16 line pages (4 white, 4 green, 4 red and 4 blue), 4 unlined pages and 4 grid pages. I just added tape to these to do something to them. They’re not the prettiest but they’ll have some use I’m sure.

      Okay. So, that is the tour of my filofax over with. For now. I’m still new to all this planner stuff so I’m learning as I go. I’m sure I’ll have a another post soon to update on how I’ve organised my planner and what I’ve done to it so you can look forward to that. And as usual, feel free to leave a comment. If you have any planner related tips or stories, I’d love to hear them!


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