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Summer Projects

Knitting Projects     Told you there’d be things with white paint. I also painted a wooden chopping board white. It should be good for photographing small objects.

     So, the topic of today’s post is…plans and projects.

     I’m feeling ambitious this summer. There’s quite a lot of things that I want to get a lot done. My Steam library is filling up because I keep buying games on sale so I want to get a lot of those games played over the next few months. As well as gaming, I have a lot of things I want to get knitted and there’s  a few languages I want to get started on learning. I’m not sure how well that last one will go…I want to keep up my minimal level of Japanese but I also want to learn some Icelandic and Dutch. I know, really obvious languages to learn and full of practicality. Why not learn something even more useful like Latin or Old English instead? Well, those are also on my list but there’s only so much I can do at one time.

    And that brings me to my problem. I want to get a lot done this summer. Well, I always want to get a lot done. However, what I plan to get done and what I can actually get done are two very different things. It’s like how whenever I was planning an essay for college I might schedule something like ‘write 700 words today’ when in reality, I’m only going to be able to write 500 words because before I know it, today turns into tomorrow and then there’s another 700 words to be written. So starts a cycle of falling ever more and more behind on plans.

     I need to try not let that happen this summer. I don’t have college work anymore but I’m just as likely to overestimate what I can get done in terms of hobbies. I tend to set myself up for disappointment because I make plenty of plans and have loads of ideas that in truth I know I can’t achieve.

Hats     So, what I really need to do now is figure out what I really want to get done and how to balance all the things I want to get done.

     I’ve got a large pile of various yarns to get through and I’ve just made a list of the things I’d like to get knitted. That’s a start. I’ll do my best not to buy any more yarn until I’ve gotten through most of what I have. I can do the same for gaming: try not to buy any more!

     I won’t say that I definitely won’t buy more games or yarn because that’s undoubtedly setting myself up for failure. There will be impulse buys when I’m feeling down and Steam will likely send me an e-mail telling me that a game on my wishlist is on sale. Things won’t always go to plan but I can do my best to not let things get derailed.

     All in all, I feel optimistic for the summer.

     That doesn’t mean I couldn’t use some tips though on finding balance in life and making plans and achievable goals. If you have any tips, do let me know!


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