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Dishwasher cloths

     There’s only so many hats and scarves you need, especially when it’s coming into the summer months. Good thing then that I recently discovered that knitted dishcloths are a thing. Something practical! Everyone needs dishcloths because things get dirty and have to be cleaned. Plus, these can be thrown into the washing machine when they need a clean and when they get too ratty you can just knit some more relatively quickly.

     I say relatively. I’m sure some knitters could bang one of these out in no time but I’m fairly slow at knitting. At least they’re quicker to knit than scarves.

      I’ve knitted two already. The first has had some use and seems to be working well. The second has just been finished and there’s enough yarn left for another. The ball of yarn I bought was 100g and I’m able to get three seven-inch square dishcloths from it. I know I said I wouldn’t buy more yarn until I use what I have, but I think I want to pick up another ball or two of this one, probably in different colours. These will be handy small things to do in between the bigger projects like scarves and I can easily pop it in a bag without worrying too much so I can just knit dishcloths when I’m travelling.

Dishclothes II


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