Planning Life #1

Filofax     Last week I wrote a post called Filofax – Planning my Life in which I outlined my storage system for the various tapes, sticky notes and tools I use to organise my Filofax and I showed you how I’ve started to lay out my planner. It seemed to be a popular enough post (my standard for popular being it got more than five likes and someone commented on it) which got me thinking that maybe I should have a weekly post on my Filofax which allows me to show off my messy organisation as well gives me a reason to talk about various things in my life.

     So here it is. I’ll see last weeks as an introduction post to my planning life and this as chapter one.

     A quick glance will show you that planning didn’t quite work out this week for me. I started my week off with filling in a few things that I wanted to get done. I thought that by writing in that I needed to knit a hat on Wednesday it would encourage me to actually do it. Well, that didn’t work. I also didn’t make the meal plans I was hoping to do, sort out my creative folder or exercise.

     See, the week before, I started the process of cleaning my room. I had originally scheduled one day of room cleaning but by last week, I still had a lot to get done. I scheduled a day to finish cleaning my desk area, a day to clean my shelves and a day to polish and hoover, but even this wasn’t enough. Cleaning and reorganising my bedroom took over my life last week and everything else went out the window. By Friday I had to admit that my planner wasn’t helping me and so I taped over the days gone by and covered over Saturday and Sunday with a sticky note, admitting that sometimes you do just have to throw out the plans.

     On the bright side, my room is now lovely and clean and I have just done a major declutter. I never realised how much stuff I had accumulated over the years, most of it forgotten and unused. I think room cleaning will be deserving of a post of its own and I have a few pictures to go with it so you have that to look forward to.

     Cleaning was the dominant theme of my life last week but I can’t blame that for everything. An impromptu trip to Cork on Thursday to visit by grandmother…and the art shop down there…led to the dissolution of my language day. But, trying to find a bright side to the situation again, while I may not have studied any of my languages, the day did give me a blog topic which you can also look forward to seeing this week: a craft haul! Yes, while I may now be short on money, at least I have something to write about.

     That pretty much sums up last week for me – cleaning, cleaning, shopping and cleaning. Not the most interesting of lives and definitely not as eventful as the week before which saw TV graced with the spectacle of Eurovision and the Irish populace modernising its view of marriage, but life can’t always be like that.

     Sometimes, you just gotta get through the daily activities that end up taking a week.


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