Craft Haul

Craft Haul XII

     Craft haul time! I love craft hauls. Well, I love having loads of new things. I’m not as found of spending loads of money. Sadly, to have loads of new crafts does usually come with having to spend loads of money. Oh well. This haul comes from Cork Art Supplies with a few things from Silkes in Limerick. I’m not sure how much a spent in total between the two shops but it’s probably around €30.

      Let’s start with the tape that you can see in the bottom right corner of the above photo. I quite like this tape. It’s really cute and has a travel theme of stamps (just click on the image to see it better). The packaging also comes with its own cutter for the tape which is a cool idea. I took the tape out of the packaging completely so that I can keep it with my other tapes but still, nifty idea. And yes, I just said nifty. This tape cost €5 which is a bit pricey but that’s normal when I’m buying tape from the art shops here. I prefer to buy online to save money but I couldn’t help myself when I saw this one.

Craft Haul VI     Okay, onto the next item which is…tissue paper. I love tissue paper because it’s great for wrapping gifts. Scrunch up some tissue paper, put the present on it and put them in a box or basket – things instantly look better and look like they cost more money than they actually did. I have a selection of different coloured tissue paper stocked away but I saw this one in Cork and, well, in love. Yes, because of the black and white travel and post theme. I love travel themes. Which brings me to the next item which is…you guessed it, something with a travel theme.

     Craft Haul IIIThese pockets are just really cute. I don’t know what I’m going to use them for yet up but I just had to buy them. They’re small and they cost €2.25 for a pack of five so they didn’t hurt the budget too much.

     Next up, we’re moving away from the travel themed products and in the territory of sketchbooks. I love sketchbooks. Every time I go to the art shop I have to try really hard to stop myself from buying sketchbooks that I don’t need yet. I just love the different shapes, sizes and paper types, as well as the potential that a black sketchbook holds. This time, I came away with a small sketchbook made of recycled paper. The paper is really smooth and feels so nice and I liked the colour of it. The light brown is a nice chance from the white and I think it’ll go well with the pen doodles.

Craft Haul X     Okay, the next major item up is the set of pens I got. These are a set of Derwent Graphik Line Maker pens. I originally picked up the black pens but then I though that I already had plenty of black pens so I went to put them back. It was then that I saw the sepia set and thought, ‘sepia, I need more sepia in my life’. Other than paper…and tape…and currently travel themes…I also love pens of different thicknesses. This set comes with a 0.1, a 0.3 and a 0.5 pen, so a nice mix. And look, isn’t the pouch they come in really pretty? These pens set me back €9 making that €3 a pen but that’s not too shocking really. Nice ink pens cost you money.

Craft Haul IX

     Measuring and Cutting

     Next comes a tape measure and a scissors. I have a tape measure already but it’s old and winding it back up is a pain. This one my have been overpriced at close to €5 at Hickeys but that owl is very cute and it has a button that you can press to suck that tape measure back in. I needed another scissors for cutting fabric, which I don’t do that often really, so I just picked up a cheap enough one that has the added benefit if having polka dots, making it cute.

     We’re coming towards the end of my craft haul now. The less interesting and cute things are left. What’s left to talk about from the picture at the top of the page is a simple o.o5mm black pen for my Filofax. I like writing with really fine pens. There’s also a piece of A4 black mount board in the photo and a role of cork board. I got these for a specific craft that I have in mind but I won’t say anything about that yet. I’ll keep everyone in suspense…and wait to see if the craft works out! I also got two simple A4 ring binders. I’m planning on prettying them up. One will be my photo/memories album and the other will get turned into my craft folder. That’s the plan at least.

Craft Haul XI

     And so my craft haul comes to an end. Let me know what you think of it. If you enjoyed this post, I have another craft haul to come soon. Well, a tape haul to be more accurate but I won’t say any more about it yet.

6 thoughts on “Craft Haul

    1. Thanks! So happy I found that tape, by chance really. It was was at the bottom of a basket of tape that I was rummaging through. I’m just loving travel themes at the moment. Think I’m trying to make up for not having the money to actually travel!

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    1. I could spend an entire day in a craft shop debating with myself on what I need and want. It’s usually up to my whoever I’m out with to pull me out of there after about half an hour or so.

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