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Cleaning Room

     As I mentioned in Monday’s post, last week was all about cleaning my room. Seeing as I have recently finished up at university, it seemed like a good time to go through all my things and throw out all those college notes on scraps of paper. Let me tell you, this was not an easy task!

     My room was never that dirty and cluttered to begin with. The picture above saying ‘before’ is a bit misleading as that’s when I had already started the cleaning process. I’m actually a bit of a neat freak. Everything has a home and I don’t like when things aren’t where they should be, but admittedly, over the last few months, a lot of things ended up where they don’t live.

Floor     So, I don’t like things being messy. Obviously, this statement led to this:

For a few days there it was quite the risk walking around my room…not that you could do very much walking. I stubbed my toes a lot last week. Reorganising my books is a serious undertaking. I actually had a debate with myself on whether I should sort a selection of my books by subject, sagas, myths and folktales or by area, Scandinavian, German, British and Irish. After about 20 minutes of staring at an empty shelve, I eventually went with area.

     I did actually use this opportunity to declutter my room and get rid of a lot of stuff, which is actually sitting just outside my bedroom at the moment waiting to moved on to other places, likely the charity shop. There’s a selection of college books I never want to see again (I’m look at you, Bleak House) and I’m finally admitting to myself that I’m not going to play those Playstation 2 games, despite how much I used to love Spyro.


     It took a while, the entire process of cleaning my room took almost a week, but at least order has been restored and the books are back on the shelves. As well, I finally have my desk arranged as a proper craft space to entice me to make things.

     And now, having finish the hard work of cleaning, I can sit back in bed and actually see out my window without a huge stack of clothes blocking the view, which is nice.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning Room

    1. It should all be ok, as long as I don’t buy any more books. Except for those books I bought online recently which will arrive eventually…and I’m heading into town in Tuesday so a visit to the book shop is likely…yes, this going well!


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