Planning Life #2

Photo - Planner Life #2 I

     So passes another week in the riveting life of Emma…if only that were so.

     Last week, I didn’t get much done that I wanted to get done. This week was a bit more successful. If you glance briefly at last week in my Filofax, you may be fooled by the lists and boxes and ticks into thinking that I had a packed week. However, a closer inspection and five seconds worth of attention will blow my blue and green cover. Once you see that my Tuesday list contained things like ‘download Game of Thrones’ (the legal way onto the Sky box, I swear) and ‘make a list of anime I want to watch’, you’ll come to the conclusion that not much goes on in my life.

     The colour coding of the week also gives that away though. If I have the time to purposefully decorate my filofax pages with a theme and stick to it for the whole week, I don’t have much else to do.

     I decided to dedicate last week to languages. It made sense seeing as the free online Dutch course I’m doing started on the Monday. Having only been at it for a week now, I think my Dutch is coming along. I can give a very basic introduction of myself:

Hallo. Ik ben Emma. Ik woon in Ierland. Ik ben 22 jaar. Ik heb vijf katten en een hond. Ik vind dieren. Ook, ik houd van boeken. Mijn hobbi is lezen.

     Yes, it is very important to let people know from the outset that you have five cats and a dog.

     Continuing with the language theme of the week, I also started working my way through the online Icelandic course. Not being as popular a language as Dutch, it is a bit harder to find material to listen to in order to familiarise myself to the sound of it, so my Icelandic is coming along slower. So far my Icelandic introduction consists of:

Ég heiti Emma. Ég er frá Írland.

      And finally, Japanese was the third language of the week I was meant to work on. It’s been a month since I’ve done any Japanese study. Actually, the last Japanese I did was my final year Japanese exam…and that went badly. How badly, I’ll find out when result come out later this month. Four years of Japanese study at university level stressed me out pretty badly, but despite the last year of it sending me into fits of depression, now that I’m away from the pressure of grades, I don’t want to give up on the language. I actually do like it a lot, despite the difficulty.

     Still, despite not having the pressure on my shoulders any more, I do seem to be finding it hard to sit down and write a blog post in Japanese for Lang-8. It’s been on my to-do list every week for three weeks now. Maybe next week…

Photo - Planner Life #2 II     Let’s see, did I do anything other than languages last week…I printed some pictures…I bought paper for my printer…ticked off some things on my to-do list that I actually did last week…and I posted a listing for stone coasters in my Etsy shop. My Etsy shop is pretty bare at the moment so I need to work on filling it with good things. So far, my sister’s the only one who has bought anything from it. Luckily, this week I have arbitrarily decided to make a craft week so I’m going to try my hand at a few things and see if I can make anything worth selling. I’ll keep you up to date on how that works out.

     Oh, actually, something that did happen is that I’ve started trying to find some snail mail pen pals. I joined Pen Pal World and I’ve been messages a few people. Hopefully, I’ll have some letters arriving in the not so distant future and be sending some out myself. Yes, I’m excited about snail mail. I want to find people to converse with in the slow, old fashioned way, because I’m cool like that.

     Well, that’s that, I suppose. So ends the account of a week in the not so eventful life of Emma. Just image what I’ll have to tell you all next week!


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