A Surprise (mini) Haul

     I had the joy late last week of waking up in the afternoon and finding three small packages sitting on the kitchen counter for me. I do love when things arrive in the post for me. Opening up packages makes it feel like Christmas, or my birthday. This mini craft haul was great because I had actually forgot that I had bought anything.

     Back in late March, early April when I was rather stressed and depressed about college, I had a moment of weakness on eBay and bought a few supplies for my Filofax: a stamp set, an ink pad to use with the stamp set and a set of really cute stickers. They were all really cheap and with free delivery from China so at least my moment of weakness shopping didn’t hurt the wallet too much.

     Well, as you know with free shipping from China, it takes a while to arrive. Between finished up essays, panicking over a Japanese oral and studying for finals, I was kept fairly busy and soon forgot about what I had bought, until I woke up to the waiting packages.

     And I had just been thinking that I needed some stamps and stickers!


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