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Quick Craft: Fabric Tape

Home made tape

     A quick craft for you today. I spotted this idea during one of my rambles around the internet looking for inspiration for simple crafts: making your own fabric tape. It’s so simple but it’s a great way of using up those left over bits of fabric that you don’t know what to do with. All you need is fabric, double-sided tape and a scissors. Stick the tape onto the back of the fabric, however long you want the strips of tape to be or whatever fits, and cut to the size of the tape. There you have it, your own strips of fabric tape. Whenever you want to use them, just peel of the other side of the tape and stick down. It’s that simple.


3 thoughts on “Quick Craft: Fabric Tape

    1. I think the simplicity is my favourite part. Simple is effective! These stickers add a nice touch on letters and envelopes and it justifies the scrap pile of fabric that I’ve been hoarding.


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