Planning Life #3

Photo - Planning Life 3Photo - Stamps and Stickers     Okay, so I think I’ve found my Filofax decorating pattern: I have one pretty and planned week followed by a bit of a messy one. This last week was the messy one. I started out with a grey and blue theme and green came into play when I decided to use my stamps. I forgot I had a black ink pad tucked away with my letter stamps until after I had used the green. I’m not sure when the pencils came but sometime after that I decided to draw dotted lines around everything and the whole thing was topped off with a sticker that left Wednesday feeling a bit eclectic.

     And that’s how I design shit.

     As for my productivity levels for the week – I got a lot of things done, just few of the things I planned to get done.

     You may observe that there are not very many ticks this week. All of my language plans went out the window (still haven’t written that Japanese blog post) and most of the crafts I wanted to try out didn’t happen. I ran out of a few supplies and didn’t have the right colour chalk paint for some, the rest just didn’t happen because it turns out that I am still very slow at doing anything. Sticking some pictures on the cover of a ring binder – in my head, that takes about an hour but in reality a whole evening. Meanwhile, making those Etsy listings was an entire day…don’t ask how I managed to take that. Still, my Etsy shop is looking better now at least. Did I mention my Esty shop? I’m not sure if I mentioned my Etsy shop, because you know, it would be nice if you checked out my Etsy shop

     Subtle enough?

     Really, I’m just running out of things that happened in my week that I can talk about because most of my week was making crafts which will supply my blog with content for the next few weeks, once I get around to taking all the photos and writing the blog posts is, an integral part of making content, I hear. So, that means I won’t take about those hear and I will stop writing words, but I will give you a hint as to what’s to come this week: a craft haul and notebooks.

     Yes, more craft hauls! These things are why I’m broke now…


5 thoughts on “Planning Life #3

  1. Flippin love filo-faxes… mine is so utterly boring compared to yours – really need to let the creative juices flow alot more!!! Great post – looking forward to your crafty features coming soon 😀 XXX

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    1. I do love my filofax. I find the filofax is helping my bank account a bit too as well as organising my life. Buying stickers and sticky notes on ebay is a hell of a lot cheaper than buying books but still satisfies my ‘I need to buy things’ cravings. XD

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