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Prettying Up Notebooks

9     Okay, I have another craft for you today! This one is for prettying up boring notebooks. The other day I got a pack of three plain black notebooks to use for my language notes, one for Japanese, one for Dutch and one for Icelandic. They were pretty boring to look at though, not the type to encourage you to use them. I remembered that I had a bundle of various patterned fabrics in my craft basket and this was the perfect opportunity to make use of them while making language learning more enticing.

     Transforming your notebooks is pretty simple. All you need is a notebook, obviously, enough fabric to cover it, a scissors and some double-sided tape. Optional add-ons include a piece of ribbon to make a page marker and some card or paper to tidy up the inside covers.


Tape and RibonDSC00949     I had this selection of blues and I chose to use a different style for each notebook so that I could easily pick out which language notebook I wanted when they’re all sitting on my desk. Conveniently, I also happened to have some blue ribbon that matched perfectly with the blue theme of the fabric.

     So, the directions for this are pretty simple. You can just follow the pictures below but hover over the pictures if you want some text describing them.

DSC00956     Pretty simple, isn’t it? It’s a great way for prettying up a drab notebook or sketchbook.

     I would say watch out for the corners. On the first one I did, I cut the fabric to try fit the spine edge better but cut a bit too much and messed it up, as you can see. But other than that, I’m happy with my now brighter language notebooks.

     Let me know what you think of these notebooks and if you do try this yourself, I’d love to see the result.


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