Planning Life #4

Photo - Planning Life 4

     Welcome to Planning Life, the weekly series where I update you on the goings on in the not so eventful life of me – an unemployed Irish girl who finished university recently and now spends her time making things and trying to pretend her life is more interesting than it actually is by writing a blog about it.

     Is it a bit too long and truthful? I’m trying to think of a catchy introduction to this blog series. Okay, nevermind that. Onto the meat if the issue.

    As you can see, I went for a red, black and grey theme this week. I had two weeks of pink and purple, two weeks of blue and now this. Quite nice, this theme, if I do say so myself, and that grey, black and clear tape at the bottom is a sneak peak of what’s to come in the posts I have planned for this week: washi tape.

     But enough of what I have coming this week, let’s talk about last week. I didn’t have much going on last week to keep note of so I had plenty of room to play with tape and make to-do lists (which, as usual, got half to-done). Also, I stamps and stickers and sticky notes feature this week as well. That’s right, I just threw everything I could at this week. Well, I had to do something to make it more interesting.

     How to you remind yourself to read more? With a stamp of a book. How do you encourage yourself to exercise? With a sticker of a cat on a bike…which makes perfect sense…How do you make a note to go for a walk for interesting? With a stamp of a cat repeated to make it look like the cat is walking…look, I just happened to have stamps and stickers featuring cats. These stamps and stickers are lying though. Cat’s don’t exercise or even go for walks. My cat hasn’t left her bed on the shelf above the tv for about 6 hours now and I’d think she was dead but I don’t think dead cats purr that loudly.

     But I’m rambling again. I am very good at it. Let’s see, there were a couple of crafts, things I meant to photograph and posts I meant to write last week which I didn’t have time to do because as the week started, I noticed that an important day was listed for Sunday – Father’s Day. Father’s Day snuck up on me and caused me to throw some of my plans out the window. Mother’s Day never sneaks up on you. It’s advertised everywhere so you can’t forget it but Father’s day is sneakier. I had a craft in mind for Father’s Day so I started working on it but it started taking a lot longer to do than I had thought and I had a deadline to work towards and it was all very stressful. But, I got it done in time. I stayed up all Saturday night and had it finished just in time for breakfast! I still have to get some photographs of it so I can show it here because I am fairly proud of this craft. I’m not gonna say what it is though. I want to keep the suspense and also, it won’t sound as good as the pictures look.

Photo - Prize Painting     Other events of last week include my winning a prize in a raffle. I had recently comment somewhere that I never win anything and next thing I know I’m the owner of a lovely new painting! On Sunday 14th of this month, Allstar Ink, the place where I get all my tattoos, had a charity event for ACT for Meningitis. The event was in honour of Lola Nagle, the daughter of Ross Nagle, the owner of Allstar Ink. They were doing small butterfly tattoos for €50 and had a raffle which had tons of amazing prizes donated to it.  Apparently, one of the prizes was a signed Liverpool game jersey from Daniel Agger specifically signed for the raffle. I don’t know who Daniel Agger is but it seems big.

     Anyway, there was fantastic turnout in support. 100% of the proceeds went to the charity and I think they raised over €20,000. The five lads were tattooing for 15 hours. Crazy stuff. Check it out here. I wasn’t going to get a tattoo (I think butterflies are kind of creepy) but I did want to give money so I just purchased a strip of raffle tickers for €20. That was Sunday afternoon and on Monday evening I got a text saying that I had won a prize which I could collect from the store. My sister collected it for me as she works in town and brought it home, and now I have this painting. Since my sister moved out, her bedroom is being redone and my mom will likely hang the painting up in there as it will look good on the white walls. But yes, I won something!

     This is actually turning into quite a long post for a week that didn’t have too much going on.

Photo - Sending Mail     To finish up, I got my first snail mail letter in the post this week from a penpal in America. and replied to it. I have one snail mail penpal now and I’m hoping to find more people who want to exchange letters or crafts or do swaps or anything like that. I can’t help it I like receiving things in the post! If it’s something you’d be interested in, do let me know. I also joined and sent my first few postcards. I look forward to those being registers and getting some postcards in the post myself.

     A very long post this week indeed. But there’s more! This isn’t something that happened last week. It just happened so I’ll mention it but go into more detail next week –  I just got my final college result a few hours ago. Passed everything, so yay!

     Okay, I’ll actually end the post this time. I hope you enjoyed reading about my life.

     Until next week (in terms of my life because there’s actually two other posts scheduled for this week),



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