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My Tape Collection

Photo - Tape 1      Having shown you the tape haul I got recently, I thought I’d show you my washi tape collection as it currently stands and my current storage method. As you can see, my tape collection is mostly made up of the ones I bought recently. I had been running quite low indeed. I bought this house shaped storage thing and was wondering what to do with it when I noticed that it fitted washi tape nicely. So came my tape house! It’s a little more cosy than the tape tower, I think, and it’s colour coded. Got greens and blues, greys, golds, blacks, oranges and reds, pinks…and the others. They just like to be different. The problem of stacking still arises with this method of storing tape but the stacks are much smaller so it’s easier to handle. Plus, I just like colour coding and it’s easier to keep this in order. I haven’t figured out how to store tape if I get more because I can’t fit too much in this but that’s a problem for another day.


14 thoughts on “My Tape Collection

    1. So, so many. I’ve seen some people’s collections of washi tape that just make me drool. Mentally drool, really doing that wouldn’t be very good for my laptop xD You should definitely try turn that window shopping into real washi tape shopping, though be prepared. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop yourself!

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    2. Ooh, I like that cube effect one! And those blues, I am partial to blues, as my planner probably suggests.
      And yes, it is very easy to let it get out of hand quickly! Play it carefully when browsing tape!

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    1. Still nothing compared to yours! xD
      The tea time tape is definitely encouraging me to meet up with friends so I can use it in my planner and I’m enjoying using the airmail one on the letters I’ve started sending. Gotta love snail mail as an excuse for using washi tape!

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