Planning Life #5

Photo - Planning Life 5

     Welcome to the fifth instalment of Planning Life. This seems to be a popular enough series. I guess people quite like seeing how others organise their planners. Well I doubt it’s because they’re interested in my life. Nonetheless, my life is what you get in this post!

     But I will comment briefly on the look of last week. As you can see, I went for a blue theme again. I had red and black last week and was going to do it again but I seem to keep returning to blue. I have very little blue tape left now though so that makes it tricky. I have my new tea time tape and thin blue tape and a small amount of the stripes. I have a few sheets of masking stickers with blue themes though so I was able to use those to pad it out and the sticky note also has a blue theme to match which is nice.

     I kept the design pretty simple last week to match that I didn’t have too much going on. Well, uneventful is how I thought my week would be. I had plans to return to my social recluse lifestyle to enjoy some knitting and gaming but then a message from a friend came and I was meeting up with her on Thursday. As soon as I got home from that, I had a message from another friend and she ended up coming over to the house on Friday. Then, my aunt came up on Saturday and I forgot that a while ago my dad had asked if I wanted to go with him to photograph a club charity cycle to which I had said yes so that took up a huge chunk of Sunday. I had completely forgotten about this event until the night before when he reminded me to charge my camera, hence why it’s not even in my planner. So much for being a social recluse! As a result, a couple of things that I didn’t get done early in the week and would normally have just done later and thing’s that involved a bit of attention didn’t get done.

     Socialising is an exhausting business!

     In other news, and probably bigger and more important news…I got my results last Monday! These were the results for my final set of university exams. I passed everything and so I will be able to graduate in August and get that piece of paper. I was really worried about my Japanese result because the exam went horribly and the last year of Japanese was just generally difficult, but somehow I came away from that traumatising experience with a B1. Cultural theory also had me worried. I’m not even going to attempt to figure out how my essay on post-structuralism let me pass that module. And I got an A1 for my final year project! All that work researching the ambiguous nature of Old Norse-Icelandic elves paid off! That, or there being no one at the university who actually studies what my FYP is about, they didn’t bother read it and just gave it an A.

   All in all, I’m happy with the results I got and having suffered through four years at university, I have come out with a first class honours degree. What to do with that degree is another question for another day…
Photo - Exam Results


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