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Five Years a Difference

     For anyone interested in what the girl behind the blog looks like, I was going through some of my old photos recently and found a picture of me from five years ago:

Photo - Five Years On

     Don’t I look pretty much the same…ya, in comparison to me now, I don’t think I look too different. Although, since taking that 2015 photo, I did  get my hair cut. It’s about six or seven inches shorter now. Shorter though, definitely not short. It looks pretty much the same so I didn’t bother updating my photo.

     So yes, this week I took a bit of a break from the crafts but fear not, I’ll be back next week with things I have made!

5 thoughts on “Five Years a Difference

  1. Looking just as gorgeous then as you do now Emma 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your break from crafting for a while huni! Looking forward to seeing what crafty items are coming up next week though hehe XXX

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    1. Thank you ^-^ Good to take a break every now and again but fear not for the crafts, I was going through my list and I think I have enough crafts to do to fill a month of blog content xD

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    2. Totally agree – otherwise it becomes more of a chore & the creativity dwindles (well it does with me) Oh wow, go you with your tonne of projects – looking forward to being bombarded with them soon enough lol XXX

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    3. Definitely, and I have an awful habit of overdoing things when I’m enthusiastic about something and when you do that, it tends to kill some of the joy you get out of something. Don’t want that to be happening! Especially if I want to keep the blog going xD

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    4. YES! That’s me too Emma – it’s like a spurt of eagerness followed by a bewildering downer lol Heck no – take your break, so we can enjoy future crafty moments 😀 X

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