Planning Life #6

Photo - Planning Life 6

     I’m not sure what the theme for last week was. Pink and black? Although there is a little bit of blue there from when I was too lazy the week before to cut the tape and just folded it around the side. I got to use some of my black washi tape and pink sticky notes though, so that’s a theme…sort of…new stationary.

     Okay, so I don’t have very much to say about the look of last week. Also don’t have very much to say about what I did last week because I honestly can’t remember where most of the week went. It passed, I just don’t know what I was doing for that entire week because I didn’t get anything done. That ever happen to you?

Photo - Incoming Postcards      I did get some mail in the post though. I signed up to last month and sent out six postcards. Two of them were registered and so I woke up a few days ago to two postcards waiting for me. One came from Finland and the other came from the Netherlands, so that was a nice surprise.

     Other than that…can’t think of anything happening. I really can’t. Well, this is a short an uneventful post. Guess I can’t always be winning things, getting results and attending events. Have to have quiet weeks every now and again!

     Oh, I did finally get myself a pair of prescription sun glasses last week. They’ve been on the list of things to get for a while now. Every time it was sunny and I went outside, I basically just couldn’t see, the joys of having terrible eyesight and not wearing contact lenses allowing me to just buy any old pair of sun glasses. Well, yes, finally got a pair of sun glasses that will allow me to both protect my eyes and see.

    Such an eventful life, as you can see. Here’s hoping a have more interesting things to say to you next week!


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