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Knitting Hats and Headbands

    This here is a plea for help. Please, come to my rescue by buying knitted goods before I bury myself alive in a gathering mass of hats, scarves and headbands!

     I have been knitting an awful lot of hats over the last few weeks and months. I don’t even wear hats so I don’t know why I started knitting them. Actually, that’s a lie. I do – loom knitting hats is so easy, that’s probably why I started. Still, it does leave me with the dilemma of now having loads of hats just sitting in a box in my room. I have partially solved this problem by putting them up for sale on Etsy, but they’re still sitting in a box in my room at the moment as I still have to wait for someone to buy them so that they can be shipped off. One step at a time, I guess, one step at a time!


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