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A Father’s Day Craft

Photo - Father's Day Craft     Surprise, surprise, I have another craft for you today! This is actually one I did a few weeks back for Father’s Day and might I say, this was a pain to make! It looks so simple – a photo in a frame, how could that be so hard to make! But it’s actually six photos making up a puzzle. Each of those mini cubes is a puzzle piece. There’s a photo of my parents (as seen in the picture just there), a photo of my older sister, one of me, one of my twin, our dog and finally, a photo of our house cat. Admittedly, it’s possibly an impossible puzzle because the photos are all dark, black and white photos that a small piece looks identical to all the other pieces, so if you dismantle it and try to make one of the other pictures you’ll likely not be able to, but oh well! They’re there, I swear!

     I got lucky though with the cardboard frame I got as it just fit the photo puzzle. For the frame, I painted it white and then used washi tape lined up very carefully…I even added some tape to the inside that will likely never be seen.

Photo - Father's Day Craft Piece     As for the pieces, now those were time consuming. Many, many hours of sitting at my desk with glue, a craft knife and a nail file to file down all the edges after I stuck the pictures down and cut them. I started by laying pieces down and sticking the picture as one piece onto them and then using the knife to cut it back up, as you can see in the picture below. This left quite a few messy edges as you can imagine so hence the nail file and the lots and lots of filing, the four sides of each piece after the picture was was stuck and cut multiplied by 49 for each piece…and then do that five more times because there’s 6 pictures. But, I got the kinda rounded edges and aged look I was hoping for so it wasn’t time wasted. Still, I only had a week to do this as Father’s Day snuck up on me so that was somewhat stressful. Next time, I think I’ll just make a card.

Some pictures of the making of it:


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